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House Inventory (Made for Notion)

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The template contains tables with information about your devices or furniture

The first part is a database with the most important information: item, brand, serial number, purchase date, purchase date, place in your house. There are several preset views:

  • All Inventory;
  • Electronic devices;
  • Kitchen appliances;
  • Furniture;
  • Other things.

When you add an item, type its name in the “Furniture / Device” cell and click “Open”. At the bottom you will see a button “New device” which will add two additional toggle windows:

  • Remarks - where you can add any other relevant information, e.g. about a warranty period or installments to be paid.
  • Receipt - here you can paste a copy of a receipt.

The second part “Places” shows where your equipment and furniture is places. This table has two views:

  • Board with photos
  • Table

The third part is a wish list with things you want/need to buy. This is a linked database. When you buy something and check “Bought?” checkbox - this item will automatically show up in House Inventory Table.

You will find the detailed instructions how to add an item to the databases inside the template.

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